Application Areas

Application Areas

Soluble sodium silicate

Sodium silicate-blocks like soluble glass are manufactured in large volumes because of the energy-output ratio.  Sodium silicate-block is used mostly as a raw material for preparing of sodium soluble glas. But it is also useful as a filling during production of catalizators, adsorbents, white black, building materials and chemical products. Sodium silicate produced according to the state standard GOST is the most popular because of its low cost. The choice of sodium silicate or silicate-block is specified by the production technology.

Soluble potassium silicate

Both potassium silicate-blocks and sodium silicate-blocks are used mostly for production of  soluble glass. But the cost of potassium silicate-block is higher because of the high cost of    potash.  So potassium silicate is not so widely used as sodium silicate and used only if there is no technical possibility to apply sodium silicate, and also for preparing of sodium-potassium or potassium-sodium silicates.

Two-component (mixed) silicates: sodium-potassium silicate and potassium-sodium silicate

These two-component silicates are applied only for production of sodium-potassium and potassium-sodium soluble glasses. An approximate proportion of the components is 70% against 30%.